Destroy Zionism!

The Portuguese government complained about a Zionist ambassador’s whining about Lisbon’s mourning in 1945 of Hitler’s death.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed its ambassador to the Zionist Entity to transmit disapproval to the Zionist authorities regarding remarks attributed to his Zionist counterpart, the Jew Ehud Gol, in October about a supposed “stain” on Portugal’s record.

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, Portugal’s leader from 1932 to 1968, declared three days of national mourning after Hitler’s death.

Gol said in October that “for us Jews this is a stain that will forever be associated with Portugal.”

In November, five opposition Socialist lawmakers queried the ministry to ask whether it intended to demand an apology from the arrogant Jew for his offensive statements and abrasive tone.

Gol was summoned to the ministry in November, and officials “expressed the strongest possible disapproval of the declarations he disseminated.”

Gol, who began his term in 2009…

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