Portuguese Government Seeks To Criminalize Exposes Of Its Nazi Destruction Of National Health Care

LaRouche Irish Brigade

The medical community of Portugal has declared war on the bill drafted by the Health Ministry, which would prohibit doctors and other health care personnel from issuing public statements, either personally or by means of third parties, which “could call into question the image” of the National Health Service or its dependencies. The bill, parading as a new “Health Care Code of Ethics,” specifies that this prohibition includes use of social media.

The government was given the go-ahead for this law by the same National Life Sciences Ethics Council (CNECV) which ruled two years ago, in strict adherence to Adolf Hitler’s principle of “lives not worthy of being lived,” that it was “ethical” for the government to deny overly-expensive medical care to certain categories of people, in order to meet international financial commitments.

This “gag law” comes as the government is taking down the national health service, closing maternity wards…

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