Argentina Tells U.S.: We’re Based on the U.S. Presidential and Constitutional System—You Can’t Legally Interfere in Our Affairs

LaRouche Irish Brigade

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is rubbing in the Obama administration’s face the fact that her nation’s system of government and Constitution are “practically a copy of the U.S. Constitution…. We have copied the United States’ Presidential system, with the separation of the three branches,” whose duties and responsibilities are defined by the Constitution, she said in her Sept. 30 speech.

In establishing a mechanism for paying the debt to bondholders through a new debt swap, she emphasized, the Argentine Congress has acted according to the responsibilities defined by the Constitution. The United States would never tolerate a foreign power dictating to it, telling it what its Congress can or cannot do. Why does the U.S. think it’s acceptable for a U.S. court to dictate to a sovereign Argentina?

In a strongly-worded letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on Sept. 29, Argentine Ambassador to the U.S. Cecilia Nahon made the…

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